Our Story

The band was founded in 2010 after front man Steve Raszka and long time friend and former band-mate, Adam Dunki-Jacobs, reunited after taking a couple of years off after several rigorous years of touring. This was the first time the two of them had played music together since their college touring days, when they played original music in the Steve Raszka Band and professionally toured the Midwest and South for several years. Eric Combs joined the group in 2013 and brought a vibrant, new dimension to the band that completed the sound that has made The Good Hooks one of the hottest cover bands in Southwest Ohio. Since then, The Good Hooks have been featured on Cincinnati's CBS affiliate, Local 12, for Bengals Nation with Head Coach Marvin Lewis. They have also headlined numerous music festivals, high profile venues across multiple states, and have played a countless number of weddings - some of which were for professional athletes. Now, The Good Hooks have a new face on drums and percussion. Darius Scott, a longtime friend of Steve's,  has joined the band and has added a new flare to the beats and grooves of The Good Hooks. 

Steve Raszka - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Booking & Management
Steve has well over a decade of touring experience with on a national level and has played thousands of shows throughout various quarters of the United States. Steve's professional music career started while attending Bowling Green State University on a baseball scholarship where he randomly started playing open mic nights for very small crowds. Those small crowds quickly turned into a frenzy of sold out shows and the Steve Raszka Band became a touring machine. That success eventually landed Steve with an opportunity to open for Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Jason Mraz in a sold out concert at BGSU's Anderson Arena. Steve's live performances are fueled by a love of entertaining large crowds, which gives him a very unique ability to genuinely connect with his audience. 

Dr. Eric "Ricky" Combs - Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals, Lighting Production 
Eric grew up around music. Learning how to play the guitar at 7 years old, he grew up playing live music at bars and music clubs at a very young age. When Eric and Steve were in high school, they played in a band called Plinko , and they have now reunited on a much more professional level with The Good Hooks. Eric is also the mastermind behind the band's new and very complex lighting production and enjoys adding new elements to every show. Eric is an optometrist by day and a rock star by night! 

Darius Scott - Drums, Percussion
Darius has been playing drums for close to 25 years. His background is a very eclectic mix of rudimentary drumming, gospel music, and pretty much every other genre imaginable. He has traveled extensively across the country with the Capital Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps and the Miami University Marching Band. He also traveled to India in 2006 to play with Grammy Award Winning Artist, A.R. Rahman, who is most notably recognized for producing the music for the movie "Slumdog Millionaire". He has a passion for playing drums at his church, but has recently entered the rock scene with several bands, including The Good Hooks, and is loving every minute! When he is not sitting behind a drum set you can find him enjoying a glass of wine with his beautiful fiance or taking over the corporate banking world at Fifth Third Bank. 

Adam Dunki-Jacobs Drums, Percussion, Live Sound
Adam has been playing drums with original music groups for over 15 years. Before co-founding The Good Hooks in 2010 with Steve, Adam played drums and toured with the Steve Raszka Band. Since leaving the Steve Raszka Band in 2006 and relocating to Cincinnati, Adam founded Vinyl House Records. He has recorded and produced albums for several artists and his passion for live sound and drums has helped shape the sound that is The Good Hooks.